Bio-burden Reduction Capsule filters Hydrophobic PTFE membrane

Short Description:

Capsule filters is family of full size capsule filters with Staubli
connection at the vent, which enables in-line integrity test.

The PTFE membrane bio-burden reduction capsule

utilizes single layer hydrophobic PTFE membrane.

It offers broad chemical compatibility, high flow rate and low extractables

Product Detail


Product Tags


  • 100% integrity tested
  • FDA food contact compliant
  • Thermal bonding
  • Non-fiber releasing

Typical Application

  • Sterile air feed
  • Chemicals
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Solvent

Integrity Test Specifications

Pore Size 0.2um
Bubble Point ≥1. 4 barg(IPA/Water)
Water Intrusion ≤0. 37ml/min@ 2500mbar/10″,22℃
Diffusive Flow ≤10ml/min @ 800mbar/10″,22℃

Filtration Area

2.5″:   1400 cm²

5″:       2500 cm²

10″:     6000 cm²

20″:    12000 cm²

Construction Materials

Filter Membrane: PTFE Membrane Media

Support: Polypropylene


Inner Core: Polypropylene

Outer Cage: Polypropylene

Sealing Method: Thermal Bonding


Autoclave cycles of  15 min @ 121 °C; not in-line steam sterilizable

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