Commercial Water Treatment

The centralized supply of drinking water in public environments (schools. hospitals, stations, restaurants, shopping malls, highways, etc.) is a manifestation of social progress and helps to improve consumers goodwill. Especially in the context of COVlD-19, inadequate supplies have increased the importance of infrastructre. Dongguan kinda have more than 18 years of experience in industry development, Kinda provides stable and efficient water treatment solutions and continuously creates.

The Ministry of education of the people's Republic of China issued the industrial standard of technical requirements and equipment specifications for membrane treatment drinking water equipment in primary and secondary schools (JY / T 0593-2019), 5.2.1 and Appendix A mentioned that: (primary and secondary school water treatment equipment) should adopt ultrafiltration and nanofiltration (only in areas with high risk of raw water pollution, reverse osmosis can be used. When the raw water quality meets the standard, nanofiltration or ultrafiltration can be used for treatment).