Water Treatment

Drinking Water

Water is a life resource and a necessary material for human normal metabolism. In order to ensure the safety of basic water, China formulated and promulgated the hygienic standard for drinking water (GB5749-2006) as early as 2007. In reality, when people take the initiative to use water, it is difficult to really achieve healthy and high-quality water quality. In order to protect health and ensure the quality of life, filtering out various factors (physical, chemical and biological) affecting health in drinking water has increasingly become a common demand of citizens.

Commercial Water Treatment

Centralized supply of drinking water in public environment (schools, hospitals, stations, restaurants, shopping malls, road administration, etc.) is a manifestation of social progress and helps to improve the popularity of consumers. Especially in the novel coronavirus pneumonia, the insufficient supplies of materials are becoming more and more important. Hangzhou Dali has more than 20 years of industry development experience, stable and efficient water treatment solutions, and constantly create value for customers and society.

Sea WaterDesalination

For the rational development of water resources, seawater desalination is an important way. Because it is convenient to take water from the sea, mature technology, high applicability and reasonable cost, it can effectively alleviate the shortage of water for human beings, cities, industry and agriculture. It has become a common choice for many governments, regions and enterprises to solve the problem of water shortage. Hangzhou Dali's technical solutions for seawater desalination have been recognized by more and more customers because of their effectiveness and reliability.