Sterilizing-Grade PES Membranes Capsule Filters

Short Description:

Puno PES capsule filters is family of full size capsule filters

with various ways of connection at the vent, which enables in-line integrity test.

The PES membrane bio-burden reduction capsule utilizes single layer hydrophilic

polyethersulfone membrane. It offers broad chemical compatibility,

high flow rate and low extractables

Polyethersulfone is particularly suited for the filtration of products that

contain substances that adsorb to the media The lower binding characteristics

of polvethersulfone make it a good choice for filtration of valuable

protein solutions such as vaccines and biologicals

Product Detail


Product Tags


  • 100% integrity tested
  • FDA food contact compliant
  • Thermal bonding
  • Non-fiber releasing

Typical Application

  • Cell Culture Media
  • Large Volume Parenterals(LVP's)
  • Pharmaceutical Bulk
  • Chemical Solutions Diagnostics
  • Blood and Serum Fractions
  • Purified Water
  • Beer,Wine and Spirits
  • Juice &Soft Drinks
  • Bottled Water

Integrity Test Specifications

Pore Size 0.2um
Bubble Point ≥1. 4 barg(IPA/Water)
Water Intrusion ≤0. 37ml/min@ 2500mbar/10",22℃
Diffusive Flow ≤10ml/min @ 800mbar/10",22℃

Filtration Area

2.5":   1400 cm²

5":       2500 cm²

10":     6000 cm²

20":    12000 cm²

Construction Materials

Filter Membrane: PES Membrane Media

Support: Polypropylene


Inner Core: Polypropylene

Outer Cage: Polypropylene

Sealing Method: Thermal Bonding


Autoclave cycles of  15 min @ 121 °C; not in-line steam sterilizable

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